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Castlewood Canyon

Many years ago, back in the late 1800s, some visionary engineers build a dam on the Cherry Creek as it meandered through Castlewood Canyon. Unfortunately, they didn’t build the dam very well. It was structurally flawed, and in August of 1933 the dam burst, sending a 15-foot wave towards Denver.* These days, visitors to Castlewood Canyon State Park can view the dam ruins and enjoy the beauty of this unexpectedly lush canyon through a variety of trails.
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Solar power, 24 hours a day

Bloomberg reports that Torresol Energy SA is operating a solar plant that uses molten salt to store excess solar heat received during the day, and thereby provide continuous power generation throughout the night. The Germasolar plant is located in southern Spain, and “can produce electrical power 24 hours a day for many months of the year.”
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North Table Mountain

This Saturday a couple of friends and I took our pups on a short hike at North Table Mountain in Golden. After what felt like a solid two weeks of rain, we expected a lot of mud and unpleasant trails. Instead, we found clear trails, beautiful views, and few people. Read more

Pure joy

A short hike today at Table Mountain in Golden. After all the rain, the trails were surprisingly dry, and people were scarce. As a result, Bea got a little bit of off-leash time.
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The growing Chinese solar industry

The Wall Street Journal this morning reports that First Solar, a US-based company that is a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic solar systems, is entering into a partnership with a Chinese solar firm, China Power International New Energy Holding Ltd. The two companies will “collaborate on solar-energy projects in China, the U.S. and other markets.”
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