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Day 1: Fort William to Gairlochy

Day 1, Fort William to Gairlochy
Approximately 10 miles. Or 12. But who’s counting? Read more

The Great Glen Way

6 days.
7 B&Bs.
73 miles.

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Edinburgh is beautiful. Both Old Town, which has buildings dating back to the turn of the last century (well, one building at least), and New Town–built in the 18th century–are stunning. Composed of medieval and Georgian architecture, respectively, they are full of grand buildings and humble streets, magnificent towers and narrow, aging stairways.

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We flew in to London then took a train to Edinburgh. There are trains every hour, and we were traveling on a Thursday afternoon…since we weren’t sure how long it would take us to get from Heathrow to Kings Cross Station, I suggested we wait and buy our tickets when we got there. After all, the travel sites recommended waiting a bit to buy, since ticket prices fluctuate.

This was a bad idea. Really bad.

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First Class

You know how when you’re boarding an airplane, on your way back to coach class, and you pass those people in first class, sipping their cocktails and leisurely flipping through their glossy magazines? Legs stretched out, all the space in the world?

Yeah, those people. I am not those people.

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