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The Lama Temple

I’m all typed out, so just the pictures of the Lama Temple. Read more

Looking for cash in all the wrong places

You might think the big event of my single day in Beijing was the Great Wall. Or even the Lama Temple. Or walking around Beijing, buying $2 umbrellas when we’re caught in a downpour, or finding a restaurant and ordering food in a hutong near our hotel.

But no. The big event was finding someplace to change money. For a cash-based economy, China really makes it incomprehensively difficult to change US Dollars into Chinese RMB. Read more

Sweating on the Great Wall

In the planning of this trip, I made an early decision that I would not spend much time in Beijing. After all, I’ve been here before and seen the big ticket sights, and on the whole would rather save my vacation days for new things.

Except for the Great Wall. I wanted to go to the Great Wall with Steve.

Read more

The Great Wall of China

Now this is a little embarrassing, but before I knew I was coming to China and started paying attention to things, I had no idea that the Great Wall of China was actually more than one wall, in more than one spot, and built in more than one period. I imagined just one great Wall, winding its way across the northern reaches of China, uniform in its architectural glory.

But no, this is not the case. Read more

Protected: It’s a Smoggy Day in Beijing

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