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The alpine slide

I was up in Steamboat Springs this weekend for the 30th annual Steamboat Marathon. Well, I was there for the half marathon. I have not yet fallen prey to the marathon itch. After a winter of heavy snowfall, Steamboat is green, gorgeous, and flooded. Read more

A hot shower after a long run on a cold day

Here’s how I know I’m not a particularly “green” person, or all that conscientious about environmental concerns, or a good citizen who uses “only what you need“: after a long run on a cold day, I take a long shower. There’s something so perfect about the hot water warming up the numb bits, and the slight massage of the super-strength water pressure. I stand there and tell myself to turn off the water, but I don’t. I just stand there. I am a selfish person.

This despite the fact that I know Denver has water issues.

But I haven’t washed my car in like six months. Does that compensate at all? Maybe a little?