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Hotels (in which Carrie learns she is way too old for hostels)

I mentioned the name of the hotel we stayed in while in Beijing a couple of times: The HuLu Hotel. The HuLu Hotel was wonderful. It’s in a central location, tucked away down one of the hutongs. Staying there, I really felt at home in Beijing. Read more

Logistics, planning, and scheduling (disappointment)

This trip has been in the planning phases for more than a year.

On November 18, 2013 I posted this on Facebook: 

I am once again thinking the trans-siberian railway sounds like a pretty cool vacation. Maybe in a year or two?

And my cousin Steve Vincent responded that he was interested. And the rest is history.
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What to pack for September in Siberia

This is the Packing Post.

Everyone going on a journey needs a Packing Post, right? I know I looked for other people’s packing posts when I was planning this whole adventure. This post is where I tell you what I’m bringing, and why. (I plan to update this post when I get home with any notes on items I didn’t need–or wished I had.) (And post updated…see below.)
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The Trans-Siberian what?

I like big trips. (A sentence which so calls for a “and I cannot lie” conclusion, followed by a poorly-conceived parody of Sir Mix A Lot. Readers, I was sorely tempted.) Read more

The Great Wall of China

Now this is a little embarrassing, but before I knew I was coming to China and started paying attention to things, I had no idea that the Great Wall of China was actually more than one wall, in more than one spot, and built in more than one period. I imagined just one great Wall, winding its way across the northern reaches of China, uniform in its architectural glory.

But no, this is not the case. Read more