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Glorious Autumn Walks

This. This fall, this beautiful fall. Beautiful, warm days, with crisp morning and evening bookends, and blue skies and sunlight that make stained glass sculptures of the trees…. This. Read more

tiny houses

I’ve been obsessed lately with tiny houses.

Not small houses, tiny houses.

Ask yourself: Could you downsize enough to live in 140 square feet? Read more


A little over a year ago, I got puppy lust. Oh, I so wanted a puppy! Like you wouldn’t believe. I wanted a cute little cuddly ball of sweetness. Read more

Lake Isabelle

The 2-mile hike to Lake Isabelle is an easy and extremely beautiful trail. Read more

The Great Wall of China

Now this is a little embarrassing, but before I knew I was coming to China and started paying attention to things, I had no idea that the Great Wall of China was actually more than one wall, in more than one spot, and built in more than one period. I imagined just one great Wall, winding its way across the northern reaches of China, uniform in its architectural glory.

But no, this is not the case. Read more