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The Great Glen Way

6 days.
7 B&Bs.
73 miles.


Years and years ago, a colleague of mine went on vacation to Italy with her husband. There they took a “walking tour,” where they strolled from town to town during the day, while a helpful service carted their bags from one hotel to the next via car. The weather was good, the walks leisurely, and the towns picturesque. I’ve always thought that sounded like the most amazing vacation ever.

So here we are in Scotland, a land full of walking trails and walkers. And so Eugene and I (OK, mostly me) have found a nice little company to cart our bags from bed and breakfast to bed and breakfast as we stroll from quaint little highland town to highland town.

In the rain.

Because it’s spring, in Scotland.

Yet here we are, in Fort William, ensconced in the lovely Corrie Duff guest house, ready to start our walk in the morning with a brisk 10 miles!


After the train ride from Edinburgh to here (we had seats!), Eugene and I walked into town for some last minute supplies and a hearty dinner.

Eugene: I’m practicing my limp. My feet hurt.
Me: I will be relentlessly cheerful!
Eugene: I’m ordering the Scottish boar chili. Ha! You have to sleep next to me.
Me: I’m so excited!

The forecast is currently calling for 1/4 inch of rain, so I bought rain pants. Eugene bought gloves.

Happy trails!

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