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Posts tagged ‘explorations’

Wet dogs at Chatfield Sate Park

Ah, Beatrice. Beatrice is the older of my two dogs, and my favorite. (Probably I should not admit to favorites, but yeah. I’ve got one, and Bea’s it.) Bea is a dog with outsized personality but little backbone, and Bea’s general timidity is why we haven’t taken much advantage of the fabulous off-leash area t Chatfield State Park. Read more

Preparing to explore

A few weeks ago I found myself realizing, amid the general frustrations of what was an unusually unpleasant work week, that I don’t write much anymore. At least, not as part of my job. Sure, I write hasty emails (more full of typos than I care to admit) and now and then edit an internal procedural page, but rarely do I have the opportunity to immerse myself in a project, grok the inner workings of something, and then find the best way to present those workings to an audience.

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