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The train at last!

Since we ended up flying from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar, our first experience with an official Trans-Siberian Train was leaving Mongolia for Russia. We boarded train number 3 in Ulaanbaatar, and approximately 24 hours later disembarked in Irkutsk. Read more

Final thoughts on Mongolia

I have absolutely loved Mongolia. Every day that I have been here has brought some other great experience, and it’s very hard to imagine how anything else on our trip can top this. I am seriously thinking about coming back, taking a couple of days of vacation after my next work trip to Beijing and finally taking the train to Ulaanbaatar. I could spend a day in the city, see some of the museums I missed this visit, and then fly home through Beijing.

I would really love to do that. Read more

In which we stop at a lake and have lunch with some nomads

The last day of our tour was not quite as action-packed, but was still very special. We started a bit late because we went back to Erdene Zuu to hear the monks chant, and that didn’t start until 11:00. Our next stop–and the last stop before our return to Ulaanbaatar–would be Lake Ogii, which is one of the biggest lakes in Mongolia and has lots of fish and birds. We would stop here, hopefully at the home of some nomads Meg knows, and have lunch. Read more

Camels, Erdene Zuu, randy monks, and a second night in a ger

After leaving Altaa’s, we drove for an hour or so to Harhorin (or possibly spelled Kharkhorin). On the way we stopped at a roadside camel attraction. That sounds weird, but I am not sure quite how else to put it. There were camels, there were camel minders, and for a small fee we got to ride on the camels. Read more

Sleeping in a ger, and the Khögnö Tarnyn Khiid Monastery

I would like to split these two experiences into two entries, but they are so entwined that I don’t think I can. Sleeping in a ger was part of being at the monastery, and I will never be able to separate the experience of the Khögnö Tarnyn Khiid Monastery from meeting its guardian and sleeping in her home. Read more